Pai Audio MR2

Please note that the upper treble peak is not as present in my ears (it has more energy in the measurement above because due to the thick nozzle, I cannot get the IEMs deep enough in the coupler, so the resonance around 9 kHz is more present than it actually is) although the upper treble is on the brighter side.

MR2 compared to the Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10 and Audio Technica ATH-IM03:

Please note that due to different insertion depths in the coupler, the upper treble does not represent what I am hearing. To my ears, the Triple.Fi 10 is definitely splashier and brighter than the MR2 and the IM03 does not have a roll-off in the sub-bass and more level around 9 kHz (with the IM03, a good angle in the coupler is a bit tricky and it is also sitting deeper than it actually is in a real ear, hence less treble level being displayed on the graph than in reality).

MR2 compared to MR3 and MR4: