FLC Technology FLC8s

The FLC8s is a versatile monster and a modder's delight - it features three filter groups with three or four filters each that can be combined to a total of 36 (3 x 3 x 4) different sound characters. That's a lot, isn't it?

With the FLC8s, we have the ability to modify the sub-bass ([ULF] filters), general bass ([LF] filters) as well as mids/highs ([MF/HF] filters).

 Let's take a look at what each filter is supposed to do, displayed as a spreadsheet:


Clear = Minimum
Clear = Minimum
Blue = Minimum HF
Grey = Medium
Grey = Medium
Gunmetal = Medium MF & HF
Red = Maximum
Black = Maximum
Green = Medium MF & Maximum HF

Gold = Maximum MF & Medium HF

That's cool, is't it?

I've for sure also measured what each filter group does with the frequency response:

(ULF Filter  I  Grey  I  Gold)

(Grey  I  LF Filter  I  Gold)

(Grey  I  Grey  I  MF/HF Filter)

Oh boy, the filters do indeed have a distinct effect. Forrest Wei, what you have done here is really impressive.

Let's look at the FR plots of a few selected filter combinations:



06: Clear/Clear/Gold:

Please note: the slight unevenness in the lows are measuring artefacts of my Veritas coupler and not caused by the in-ear itself.